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I wondered why, and so I visited my local Apple retail store for an explanation. I should also note that neither does the MacBook Air have a security slot.

The MacBook Pro Retina, however is just a little thicker, and it looks like there is indeed room for a slot. But the normal size of that slot is misleading.

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The issue, it turns out, is not the size of the security slot in the vertical dimension case depth. In fact, as the salesperson showed me, even the MagSafe connector had to be redesigned to be thinner.

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Pre models should have the standard Kensington lock slot, but anything else will need to look into docks or other attachable that allow a MacBook Air or Pro to be safely locked. Always make sure to check that your model is supported and whether or not it has a built-in lock slot before making a purchase. It wouldn't do to buy a laptop lock only to have the cable easily cut by a malicious thief.

A cable should be cut-resistant and made of thick metal wire with an exterior coating.

Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter

The overall diameter of the cord has some bearing on its success but should be taken with a grain of salt since it must be balanced with portability and mass. Can't remember combinations to save your life? Luckily locks come in multiple styles such as key, combo, and word combo. If numbers aren't your style then you don't need to settle — go for a lock and key or more memorable word password instead.

A laptop lock should be easy and painless to use for you, and incredibly difficult for a burglar — not the opposite! Securing your laptop is possible even without a lock slot. The Locking Station functions like a normal dock, but instead of adding ports it snaps around the edge of your MacBook and adds security.

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Once attached, you can lock the dock and by extension, your Mac to any sturdy object in the vicinity. This Kensington Cable lock is the most classic and simple laptop lock available. You'll need a lock slot and a numbers-friendly memory, but with both of those, your MacBook will be secure from any who wish to do harm. The cable length is approximately 1.

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Prefer words over numbers? Almost identical to the aforementioned Kensington Combination Lock, the WordLock's only difference is that it uses a combination of letters rather than numbers to lock and unlock your MacBook. On all other fronts, it maintains the same level of security and ease of use.

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  • If you're using a Mac without a lock slot, you're going to need an external solution. The Kensington slot is what you'll find on any Mac that has a lock slot, but it can be a bit intimidating if you've never used it before.

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    This helpful video will show you how to use a standard Kensington lock like some of those we have recommended and have you well on your way to a secure MacBook although the video uses a PC, the port is identical:. Got everything locked in? It's time to protect the contents of your Mac as well. You can use anti-theft software in addition to a lock in order to have a better chance of retrieving your MacBook if it is stolen.

    You can read more about the various methods of doing so in this article. A laptop lock is a great investment for those who work anywhere and everywhere.