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With the extended availability of online homework, and the 72 hour window to take an online quiz along with two drops, we do not provide makeups for online work. Smith to discuss an extension of the due date for online assignments. Makeup Class Participation Points: There are no makeups for class participation points. We collect extra points to allow for technical difficulties with your clicker or occasional absence from lecture. A student who has completed a major portion of the course with a passing grade but is unable to complete the final exam or other course requirements due to illness or emergency may be granted an incomplete, indicated by a grade of I.

This allows the student to complete the course within the first six weeks of the following semester. The student must contact Mrs. Smith before finals week to sign a departmental incomplete contract, and must provide documentation of the extenuating circumstances preventing him or her from taking the final exam. The grade of I is never used to avoid an undesirable grade, and does not allow a student to redo work already graded or to retake the course. See the official policy at Missing a final exam due to negligence, however, will result in a minimum point penalty. The following is a summary of some important concepts used in solving calculus problems.

The textbook provide a more complete review of these essential topics. Basic Geometric Formulas: Basic Functions and their graphs: Roots, including rationalizing the denominator or numerator for appropriate values of x, m and n. Inequalities and absolute values: Equation solving: This course qualifies for both General Education and. Paula Koca Fax: MCS L E mail: Koca angelo.

Larry L. Southard, M. Mohammad Abbasi mohammad.

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Jaffar Ali Shahul-Hameed Ph. Associate Professor Email: AB7 Yoon Yun Email: Math 35 Section Spring Class meetings: Kathy Nabours Office: MTSC Email: Nicole Dorey Office: PSY Office hours: Monday E-mail Address: Lecture Time: Scheduled Lab SE Time:. Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday. College Algebra Math Fall Shane Brewer Office Phone: Alexander Ambrioso Office Location: BTEC Phone: Brian Rodas Class Room and Time: MC38 Office Phone: Thomas J. Faulkenberry Office Location: Library Office Hours: TWTh 1: Faulkenberry tamuc.

Fall Semester Santiago Canyon College: Fall Meeting Place: C Meeting Time: Topics include quadratics, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; systems of equations; matrices; and determinants. Course Code Title: Room 1st Hour: MATH Wickersham Class Meetings: Cynthia Taylor Ph Office: Douglas Scheib Email: The University of Akron Department of Mathematics Jonathan Hafner Email: CAS Phone: Donna Guhse Email: Guhse scottsdalecc. CM Office Hours: Fatemeh Salehibakhsh f.

Communication Instructor: Bon Crowder Email: College Algebra This course is an in-depth study and application of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential. AULT Office: NH Office. Yvette Butterworth Text: Nancy S. Kloboucnik angelo. Todd Zoroya Contact Info: FirstClass or todd. Jack Caster Telephone: CC E-mail Address: College Algebra This course is a study of solutions to equations and inequalities, algebraic functions and.

ISM Tuesday, Thursday 9: HVNR Professor: Aditi Mukherjee Office; Phone: STZ , Magana rcc.

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The course will cover. USF, St. Spring Section: MTH College: AP Credit hours: Olena Maymeskul Email: College Algebra Prerequisite: Room Instructor: Yolanda Woods Office: STA Course Title: Fall Course Catalog Description:. Geoff Clement Office: Russell Hall, Room Office Hours: M-R and Spring CRN: Agatha Shaw Phone: College Algebra Summer Term Reference: G General Information: Ronald H.

Moore Office Hours:. Course Syllabus: Vallery Schmidt Office Location: Bin Office Hours: Office Hours: MyMathLab Course Code: Text and Materials: Blitzer Title: Precalculus, Books a la Carte Edition Package. Math Elementary Algebra Tue, Thur: Lemee Nakamura Room: Deltrye Eagle Holt Email: Allgood Hall N32 Phone: My Le Email: Gay Hall Thurs XS1 Course Title: Beginning Algebra Course Description: With an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills, a study of algebraic.

Learning Outcomes: Course Topics: This course emphasizes analysis of functions and graphs, complex. John Thomason. Bill Johnson Office Location: CM A Phone: Howard Blumenfeld. College Mathematics Instructor: Matamba Mbayabu. Forkeotes Office: Department Policies for Online Math Classes Your course syllabus and any policies specific to your course are on your course homepage. Access Codes are purchased at The Book Store at the register. Lecture Announcements: MAC sec.

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Today in lecture: Review for the Final Exam 2. Upcoming dates: Cristina Bacica Office: L Phone: Val Mohanakumar Office Location: Office Phone: Elsis Reyes Rodriguez E-mail: Math Lab, Room Mail-box: Math Lab, Room Physics Bio: Mark Reeves Samson , reevesme gwu.

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Office Hours:??????? Christina Ford Office Hours: TBA; also available by appointment Office: Room , Psychology. Mary Deas Campus. College Algebra Credit: Placement through. Joel M. East Campus A course designed to develop the skills and understanding contained in the first year of secondary school algebra. Topics include. Meeting Venue: Mornings Monday through Friday.

Jakeisha Thompson Email: Initial Term: Our tutors will explain how they arrive at solutions and try to give problem solving strategies. In all instances, students should refer to their course instructors if they have questions about solutions. Separating Fractions Power Rule. Velocity, Distance and Acceleration. Velocity, Distance, and Acceleration. Chain Rule. Chain rule. Limit Definition of Derivative. Derivative Graphs. Derivative Graphs Average Rate of Change. One-sided Limits. Logarithm Rules. Compound Interest. To enroll in MAC , you must have earned a grade of C or better in MAC , precalculus algebra, earned calculus credit through an exam or earlier coursework, or have taken the ALEKS placement assessment and attained the required minimum score.

For more complete information, check the page isis. Note the following paragraph: You may need to review your algebra skills and your placement assessment can provide information and specific areas for additional study. You've reached the end of this preview. Share this link with a friend: Other Related Materials 16 pages.

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