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Best Clipboard Manager and Notetaker for your Mac? (Spotlight Mondays)

We have compiled five of the most functional tools to manage your clipboard history. Flycut is an open source clipboard manager see on GitHub designed specifically for developers. As you start to copy and paste snippets, you can access these by clicking on that icon, then right clicking the snippet you want to work with. As a developer, once you get used to this your workflow will wonder how you lived without it.

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From the preferences window you can also change that hotkey, and sync your clipboard library with Dropbox. Like Flycut, the app can only copy plain text including data from tables , so no formatting such as hyperlinks will be maintained. Unlike Flycut, however, there is no hotkey to access your library in a floating window. Instead, you must click the icon in the Menu Bar, and select the snippet you want to copy from your drop-down library.

If you copy sensitive information from some apps like password managers, this feature could be particularly useful. It offers pretty much all of the features mentioned elsewhere in this article, while somehow being extremely unobtrusive. This library can keep track of pretty much everything you copy — plain text, rich text, images, code snippets, and even files. You can sort these as you wish, and either drag and drop them to where you need the items, or copy the item by clicking on it.

If you copy a lot of items, these can be sorted into lists, which you can then search for easy access. Paste really is an impressive clipboard manager, and has the nicest user interface, by far. Paste also offers Pinboards , which are effectively folders that you can organize your snippets into, such as code snippets, and URLs. More than just a clipboard manager, Unclutter is designed to help keep your desktop clean and organized. This window is split into three panes. The central pane is where you can drag files that you need frequent access to.

Click the settings icon to display these in a variety of ways. You can also search for files within that pane. The right-hand pane is where you can create, store, and search for notes that you want to make on the fly. The left pane is your clipboard library.

Every time you copy something on your Mac, it will be stored here. Although most formatting will be lost as with most of the other options , any hyperlinks within copied text will be retained. You can also favorite, edit, and transform text into upper case and lower case. To copy items back to your clipboard, you have to click on the item within the pane, right click, then click copy. Downloading any of the clipboard managers mentioned in this article will certainly help you increase your productivity while using a Mac.

Explore more about: Clipboard , Productivity , Programming , Writing Tips. Your email address will not be published. I was doing a search, and all of these look nice, then I realized that Alfred App alfredapp. The feature is turned off by default which is why I missed it. For me it is working well and not adding the overhead of a new app.

I'll take a look into this Michael!

Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac | Macworld

It allows not only copying and pasting necessary items but also sharing it via social networks or with other apps. Another significant feature is batch copying that allows copying multiple clippings to the clipboard at the same time. This Mac clipboard manager has a convenient and well-designed interface. For instance, you can try various skins or adjust the transparency.

However, the main feature of this tool is assistance for those who copy and paste too much. This program is easy to use even for those who do not have high computer skills. The manager saves plain and rich text, various image formats and other files. Users can also easily access their clipping history and boost their productivity! PasteBox is a clipboard and snippet manager for macOS.

Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac

The program allows saving various content, such as:. The app offers to use shortcut keys to access and manage clipboard history and paste previously saved content. The program also allows saving, managing, importing or exporting snippets. The program always works in the background and saves all the data you copy and paste.

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Therefore, with the help of this tool, you can easily access saved information and use it. The program includes five different features how users can paste clippings.

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However, the most significant and convenient feature is the ability to paste several clippings in bulk at once. Therefore, with the help of different shortcuts, you can easily manage saved images, texts, and other content. The developers of this Mac clipboard manager claims that Paste app:.

We have to admit that they do not lie. The program automatically detects the type of the content and saves it particular category. The programs have unlimited history, so you can access some pictures or links you saved months ago. The tool also helps to organize saved content by creating lists or pinboards. Therefore, you can save your favorite or most used items to one place. The functionality of the program is really convenient. Home Reviews Utilities.

Best Clipboard Managers for Mac

October 18, Linas Kiguolis 0. Table of Contents 1 Best Clipboard managers for Windows 10 1. The screenshot of ClipboardFusion. The screenshot of Ditto. The Screenshot of Save. The screenshot of Clipjump. The Screenshot of ClipboardMaster. The Screenshot of Copied. The Screenshot of iClip. The Screenshot of PasteBox. The Screenshot of iClipboard. The Screenshot of Paste. Top improvements Apple brings with iOS 9.