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Not sure about the TV though - I guess if it's wireless, then you would already have it connected. Answer now can u use a usb ethernet adapter on macbook air. Similar Questions can u use a usb ethernet adapter on macbook air. My ethernet port and wifi antennas internal are broken. Tried USB boot disk which didn't work. Will the Mac know to use this USB to Ethernet adapter to connect to the internet when booting to recovery? It depends: It will do if you are using VMWare which allows this.

Will this adapter work with the macbook air that has 2 USB 3.

Answer now Macbook Air Similar Questions Macbook Air I do not have wireless connection to the internet at work. So, can I connect my ipod to this Apple USB Ethernet Adapter and the ethernet end to the ethernet plug on the wall without damaging my ipod? Answer now Can this adapter be used with an Ipod? Similar Questions Can this adapter be used with an Ipod? No, your ipod does not have a USB port. The cable that came with your ipod ends in a usb connector, but it is male, and so is the one for this adaptor, so they would not connect.

Even if they could your ipod would not be able to recognize this device. I upgraded from a MacBook Air running Hi, I have a Macbook Air so it has no ethernet ports. Will this adaptor allow me to connect a power line adaptor to my macbook? I need to plug 1 power line adaptor in the Router and the other one to my macbook and they should connect. Answer now Will this adaptor connect Macbook to a power line network? Similar Questions Will this adaptor connect Macbook to a power line network?

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For the non-tech savvy people like myself My MacBook air doesn't have an ethernet port, so I'm assuming this fixes that? All I want is wifi in my unit, but I'm told I need a laptop with an ethernet connection. This will plug into the router and give wifi? However, if you would like to have a wired connection using an ethernet cable, then you need an ethernet adapter to allow this. Answer now can this be used with a time machine - we have used all the other ports.

Similar Questions can this be used with a time machine - we have used all the other ports.

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Yes, Mac OS even on a non-laptop will recognise this as an Ethernet device. If you have images on your iPhone or iPad and want to put them on a memory stick you will need to transfer them to your computer using iTunes or Image Capture and then use a memory stick USB card reader to copy the images to the memory stick. I would like to send and receive faxes through my Macbook Pro system with Lion. I tried using it on the already working MBP 17, but it didn't recognize the printer. Will it work? And do I need different settings when using the adapter versus the built-in ethernet?

The product description it is for a MacBook Air.

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I just want to be sure it will work in my MBP. You will have to cough up the thunderbolt version. I have one of these. I bought it for my old Air. Different Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapters will have different MAC addresses, but moving one between different ports won't change it.

You can view the MAC address of any network interface attached to your Mac by using Network Utility , which you'll find in the Utilities folder within your Applications folder. It calls it a Hardware Address, but it's the same thing.

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Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Ask Question. Does the same logic above apply to Thunderbolt displays since they have Ethernet? On a rMBP Network Utility on El Capitan and beyond?

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