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With WordPress sites, this usually happens when dealing with plugins or theme files. In FileZilla, right-click the file on your web server and choose File Permissions to open the file attributes. This is the number assigned to the permissions you want to give the file. You see the permissions are assigned with Users browsing this forum: Octal and 4 guests. Apache Friends Support Forum Skip to content.


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Advanced search. Forum rules. Post a reply. Had a look around and there are people saying various things, but mostly something like user: How do I change the FTP users, passes etc? I don't see the option anywhere. Tried this, and also tried editing the password in the conf file, neither of which worked.

You can do two things: Startup Terminal. Type 'sudo su' and press return. Type in the password of the administrator account of your Mac. You don't see an indication that you are typing your password.

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You are now logged in as superuser in the Terminal. Just solved it following the steps bellow: And you will find forbidden error has gone.

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Braiam 52k 20 None of the above worked exactly as described, but the following combination did: Michal Michal 1. In NTFS format you can't set folder permissions. Edit User computerName Group computerName And after that you can access the symbolic links in htdocs. Where is NTFS format told in the question?

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Also the rest of the answer does not seem to answer the OP's question. Just make an index file on your new htdocs folder. Eliah Kagan Can you edit this to provide some details explaining how to do that? More instructions would be very helpful.

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