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Opening with a video of his smoking a joint with two naked women, I knew the concert was going to be something to remember, and while he was onstage it never quieted down. Even from the lawn section not ideal seats, but super cheap I was able to see and hear everything, due to massive screens, great sound, and visual effects of epic proportions.

Every time he rapped about weed, green smoke and marijuana leafs would envelop the stage and appear on the screen behind him, while sometimes showing clips of his music videos along with the performance. Even when I didn't know the songs he played, like roll up and Taylor Gang, the energy was enough to keep me going and I was never bored. Throwing massive inflatable joints into the crowd was one of his best moments, and It'll be hard to forget his performance. Worth seeing. Read more. Report as inappropriate. His charisma translates through to performance, engaging with both his band, and audience, often welcoming out his producers and team mates to take a bow, a gesture of inclusion and gratitude.

Despite only releasing his debut album in , Wiz Khalifa's discography now stands at six full-lengths and a mammoth 37 singles. It's no surprise that his live set lists often exceed 20 songs and yet from the reaction of the crowd, this still isn't enough. Wiz has built a reputation as one of the most exciting newcomers to hip hop in the recent years and it is easy to see why as he flies through the likes of 'Hope' and 'Sleaze'. The more technical rap and freestyle tracks invoke larger reaction as Wiz confidently runs through verses without a single slip and the audience cheer him along.

Despite only being released in , this track has quickly become an anthem as the audience yell back the chorus and sway their arms as one unit. That shit was wack trust, Wiz performed only like 3 or 4 songs and that was at the very very end everyone was dead tried of standing for hours. There were a bunch of guys acting like they were gonna fight.

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Until finally there was one right behind me P. Shit he might have deserved it, i don't know. Anyway Wiz had a bunch of his artist preforming they were all pretty wack expect Tuki Carter. Either way the show was disappointing but i guess that's what you get when tickets are sold that cheap. Wiz Khalifa was honestly one of the best shows I have ever been to. The atmosphere was awesome, and so was his overall message to the audience.

The set list and other performing artist we're amazing. Wiz played some of his well-known songs in the beginning, such as "Black and Yellow" and "Roll Up" while also mixing in tracks from his new album like "We Dem Boys". The entire audience was on their feet for most of, if not the entire show. My friends and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we would all definitely attend more of Wiz Khalifa's tour!

Had to say I was surprised at how much Wiz had bulked up since last year. I loved all the songs, and he hit all the favourites. I could have listened for another hour, as he has so many great songs. Wiz seemed a little more mellow this year with his stage moves, compared with other years. Will definitely come back for next years' concert!!! Maybe with weed being legal next year he can have some kk sold as well as tshirts: I lost my friends and as I went to the front of the lawn to find them wiz cam out there on a platform and it was cool as fuck except for the fact that it turned into a mosh pit and I got thrown to the ground 3 times and my shoes got ripped off my feet.

I spent the next two hours walking around blossom without shoes, but it's cool. Wiz is one of the most exciting rap artists in the world. He been producing my favorite hip hop song ever.

Wiz Joins Mac, Getting Under The Influence on Tour in 2012

They are a small startup, check them out if you are thinking about buying Album Ts. The show was not even a show. We waited for hours for him to get the mic. Then he did 2 songs at 1: Didn't leave, but just didn't feel the need to perform anymore songs. I get that it's a club, and not a concert, but I've been to club performances before, and this was by far the most disappointing. I had such an amazing time! I once saw Wiz with Mac Miller years ago and loved Wiz, so I've been waiting to be able to see him back in Pittsburgh! I'm so glad I went! Everyone there was good, but Wiz and Snoop killed it!

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Absolutely amazing! I can't say it enough, but I loved it! The show was Great!!!! The sound was perfect the atmosphere was awesome. The music was Fabulous Snoop brought me back to my good ol' Cali days!!!! Overall we had a really good time!!!! Thanks Wiz and Snoop for an Awesome Show! I will see you again. It was not a concert so you should definitely not label it as one if its gonna be the artist at a table. It was cool to see him in person but I was waiting for a performance the whole night, so I was pretty disappointed when it never happened.

Good performance and interacted with crowd but everyone was waiting for 3 hours for a 15 minute performance? Too short for amount of money paid especially when he was behind the stage for half an hour so he could have come on earlier. Once again Wiz puts on a great performance.

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Im completely broken. God bless him. Please tell your friends and the people you care about you love them life is so f—king fragile. You will be missed and your music will live on forever through the millions of people you touched. Thank you for all you gave us, love you bro. A smiling, laughing, kindhearted individual. Thank you for being the soundtrack to my high school years.

Wiz Joins Mac, Getting Under The Influence on Tour in 2012

For giving me songs I knew every single word to and screamed at the top of my lungs in my first car the year I got my license. Thank you for giving me punchlines and inside jokes with my best friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good friend to Gerald. For making millions of people happy even when you were suffering … Rest easy, Mac. We love you so so so very much. Such a brilliant sense of humor. A true artist. Your spirit is what impressed me the most.

The energy you brought into any space you were in. You were human. And we shared the same disease. A disease that is out to kill us, and when left untreated eventually will. It could have been me too many times to count. On the surface people that appear to have it all, are not exempt from the gravity and cunning nature of this disease.


My heart breaks for his family and friends. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene. Like, [I] drove home drunk.

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  • Wiz Joins Mac, Getting Under The Influence on Tour in - TBA.
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