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10 Parental Control Apps For Mac

The following web site restrictions are available from Parental Controls: Allow unrestricted access to web sites. This is the same type of access a standard user would have to the web. Try to limit access to adult web sites automatically. Web sites containing adult content will be restricted according to a proprietary method that Apple uses.

Allow access to only these web sites. Selecting this option produces a pre-populated list of well-known kid-friendly sites. You can add sites to the list, as well as remove sites from the list. Make your selections. Limit Mail. Place a check mark to prevent the managed user from sending mail to or receiving mail from anyone who isn't on the approved list. Limit iChat. Place a check mark to prevent the managed user from exchanging messages with any iChat user who isn't on the approved list.

If you placed a checkmark next to either of the above items, the approved contact list will be highlighted. To add an entry to the approved list: Enter the first and last name of the individual. If you would like to include the individual in your personal Address Book, place a check mark next to 'Add person to my Address Book.

Repeat for each additional individual you wish to add. If you would like to receive a permission request each time the managed user wants to exchange messages with someone who isn't on the list, place a checkmark next to 'Send permission requests to' and enter your email address. In the Weekday Time Limits section. Place a checkmark in the 'Limit computer use to' box. Use the slider to set a time limit from 30 minutes to 8 hours of use in a single day.

In the Weekend Time Limits section: To control weekday use, place a checkmark next to the 'School nights' box. Repeat the above step for the second time field to set the end of the time when the computer may not be used. To control weekend use, place a checkmark next to the 'Weekend' box. Click the 'Logs' tab. Use the 'Show activity for' dropdown menu to select a time frame to view.

Add a new user account and turn on parental controls for it

The choices are today, one week, one month, three months, six months, one year, or all. Click the Settings gear at the bottom of the left bar to copy settings to a different account or remove parental controls from it entirely. Check out these awesome methods for customizing your Mac theme and more.

Read More with this menu for your own use. How would you feel knowing some creep was watching you undress, and what if you held your credit card near your computer?

5 Useful Ways to Utilize Your Mac's Parental Controls

So you have two options: Who's spying on you through the camera lens? Find out now! To do so, head to the Apps tab and uncheck the box for Allow use of camera. Note that this will obviously prevent FaceTime from making video calls. Many uses for limiting the available apps on your computer exist.

Need a spike in productivity? Find the best tools for escaping social media here. Whatever your reason, you can limit the programs an account is allowed to open on the Apps tab. Check Limit Applications on this Mac and you can hand-pick the allowed apps. Read More with a specific list of apps. There are some great apps and tools to keep them safe; here are some we think are the best. Some of them involve making tweaks to your router or DNS settings, while others come from paying a third-party security suite.

But flipping one setting in the Parental Controls menu can filter out a ton of explicit content with minimal work. This applies an automatic filter to edit out the worst of the web. Some of its features include notifying you when there is a newly added "friend" having few to no mutual friends with your child.

PureSight is a clever IM and website filter which works on Yahoo!

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  • Set Up Parental Controls on Your Mac!
  • Set Up Parental Controls on Your Mac;

PureSight can overwrite offensive words in incoming and outgoing messages, end a potentially dangerous conversation immediately, while blocking the other party and notifying the parents immediately. PureSight has a list of offensive words, and constantly tracks IM slangs to weed out crude language used in the conversations it monitors. Parents can even add their own words, which may have escaped the list. SafetyWeb highlights red flags on potentially dangerous actions, such as when your children approves someone suspicious as their friend.

It also has a monitoring system that is triggered by topics and keywords that are related to bullying, drugs, alcohol, racism and even eating disorders.

SafetyWeb may be pricey, but it is a very convenient tool for you to monitor almost every social networking account your child has, and perhaps bring serious issues to light before it is too late to act. Used by over 12 million students worldwide, NetTrekker is an educational, child-safe search engine highly recommended for school-age children.

Unlike other parental controls tools which blocks offensive content, NetTrekker is essentially a search engine entirely built to churn only educational results. Safe Eyes is a good parental control tool for families with more than one children. Each copy carries a license you can use on three different PCs or Macs, and you can manage up to 10 different profiles with customized settings.