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She was under a deadline trying to edit a series of documents sent to her to review. She was NOT the author of the documents, so her comments and edits had to be marked as being from her. This was not a good thing. As with most support issues I encounter or am asked, I often turn to Google to see if others had encountered the same or similar issue. But herein lies a problem. Word for Mac and Windows have both evolved over time. And with each new version, there are subtle and not so subtle changes to the features and functionality.

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And there are platform differences. For example, on Mac, there is no Trust Center. It was a bit maddening.

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So here is the scenario. You receive a document to review and make edits to. You have Track Changes on. You make a bunch of changes, edits, and comments.

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Changing the reviewers name in comment ballon in Word.

You save and close your document to come back to it later. The hard part was finding where that setting was located.

But I have done that hard part for you. If there is and someone has discovered it, please leave a comment! I unchecked it and problem went away.

Now just need to convert all previous comments back to my name. What I want to know is, will all future changes made to the document also be attributed to the same author?

Changing the reviewers name in comment ballon in Word. - Microsoft Community

But we do need the client to see the changes made to the original document. For this, the changes we made need to appear as distinct from those made by the author. Hi, Seetha. Thank you for reading my blog! In theory, when you send this version of the document to your client, Word should once again record reviewer names and editing times for all new comments and edits. Hi, Chelsea. Thank you for reading my blog. Your email address will not be published.

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